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Oil City Area Artists

National Transit Art Studios

NOON - 5:00 PM

Visit 20+ artists in their downtown studios. 
Browse, chat, get inspired!
Painters, glass artists, photographers, jewelers, dancers . . .

Virtual visit:

The National Transit Art Studios
welcomes these artist tenants! 

Linda Lineman
(porcelain painting)
Holly Gibbons
(photography, paper arts, stringed instruments)-relocated from Seneca, PA
Alice Walkowski
(metal clay jewelry)
Maureen James
(stained glass)
(wire and stone bead jewelry) - relocated from CA
Joann Wheeler
(mixed media) - relocated from MA
Gary Marzolf
(yoga and reiki)
Anissa Gage (poetry, oil painting, pastels, charcoal) - relocated from IL
Carol McDonald (pastels, watercolors, mixed media)
Heidi Heck
(mixed media)
John Manders
(illustration) - relocated from Pittsburgh, PA
Linda Henderson
(videographer, singer/instrument builder)
Judy Slater
(polymer clay sculpture)
The Performing Arts Academy with Darin Paden
Kathryn Galey (painter)
Arnita Force
(painter) - relocated from FL
Tom Niles (wood sculpture)
Greg Knox (Bright Ideas Photography)
Jessica McFadden
(Joyful Noise piano studio)

Art Studios rent for $0.52/square foot/month.
Artists must pass a work review.
For information on downtown Art Studio availability,
call 814-676-5303



graffiti gallery 




210 Seneca Street
Oil City, PA 16301



Special congratulations and best wishes for success to Darin Paden on his downtown dance studio expansion in the Transit Annex, The Performing Arts Academy with Darin
and to photographer Mary Morgan (relocated from Philadelphia) on her businesses Art On Elm and Restaurant, Mosaic Cafe, and the Impromptu Room!

 We also welcome relocating artists Sonia Kallman (IL), Patty David (TX), Margaret Brostrom (CA), Angela Bowersox Wyant (MD), Tasana Camara (West Africa), Mary Morgan (PA), Dave Gundrum (LA), Charlie Whipple (AK),
Ed Fratus (FL), Kathy Karanink (PA), Anita Roby-Lavery (VA), Mary Margaret McNamara (LA), William Breiding (AZ),  Dwayna Wisdom (NY), Suzanne Gagliardo (PA), George Cooley (MA), Claudia Allen (FL), Tracy Cole (WA), Shon Gaworski (NC), Garrett Heath (CT), and Ryan Conners (OR) to the Oil City area.

Thanks for helping us to make an arts community happen here!


Authors links to Michael Dittman's books and to his bibliography of 10 Venango County authors: (links to .pdf)  links to Peter Greene's books on life in Venango County Jill Mattson's book on Sound Healing  Philip Terman's poetry.  Charles E. Williams' postcard history of the Allegheny Watershed

Ceramics   Angela Wyant's claywork

Drawings/Graphics/Illustrations Elicia Donze's pop-realism portraits and fantasy illustrations  Judy Leasure's pastels, charcoal, and pencil miniatures John Manders' acclaimed children's book illustrations Mike Roser's illustrations, portraits, and graphics

Fabric/Fiber Artists    fiber art, wearable art from alpacas reilandfarm/default.htm  fiber art, wearable art from llamas and angora goats

Filmmakers   Matt Croyle, winner of LA Webfest 2012 for cinematography Linda Henderson, cinematographer  Amy Krizon, director, screenplay, Dualife Installation, videography, photography  Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer's acclaimed documentary

Glass Artists  one-of-a-kind stained glass by Richard and Cheryl Walker

Jewelers handmade enamel jewelry by Mary Boden  handmade minimalist wire and stone jewelry by Swantje-Elke  Adrienne Grafton's metal fabrications and enamel work jewelry   resin jewelry by Crystal Proper  Alice Walkowski's metal clay jewelry's_my_jewelry.htm die-cast medals, jewelry by Dwayna Wisdom

Mixed Media Susette Jolley's paper and mixed media creations  3-dimensional mixed media boxes by Joann Wheeler

 Norman Scott "Butch" Quinn:  Oil City's nationally acclaimed outsider artist
Obituary: The Derrick 7/31/2006
"Mr. Quinn is represented in the permanent collection of the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City,
the Smithsonian Institution Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C.,
the Clarion University of Pennsylvania Museum and other institutions and private collections."

Painters!/corinne.carbaugh?ref=ts painter Corinne Carbaugh's facebook page  painting, sports portraits by Fred Carrow
 Ryan Conners' folk art paintings George Cooley's acrylic paintings on canvas structures  Kathleen Flaherty's floral studies  Diane Marie Kellogg's decorative paintings and patterns  china painting by Linda Lineman new age painting by Jill Mattson wildlife painting by Jack Paluh Marcia Rankin's paintings and photographs and  Paul Wittreich's paintings and collages.   Angela Wyant's contemporary paintings

Performing Artists  Patty David and Soul Gems rock, soul, blues - recording studio services Franklin's 150-year-old traditional town band Humorist speaker Trina Hess Jill Mattson's new age music, using sound for healing  Victoria May gives lessons in voice, guitar and keyboard   Newmen, original pop from nearby Titusville
The Performing Arts Academy with Darin Darin Paden's ballroom, ballet, tap, jazz dance studio  guitar, classic rock, original work by Jim Teifer singer-songwriter-guitarist Jerome Wincek's Oil Country music

Photographers  Holly Berlin's event photography and paper arts  Dave Cyphert's portrait, special event, and sports photography  Mike Henderson's 3-d photography nature photography by John Karian Greg Knox's digital photography promoting the Oil Region  portrait, nature, Americana photography by Jim Kronmiller Mary Morgan's fine art photographic prints from around the world  Ted Rossino's landscape, motor-sports and local sports photographs

Sculptors/Wood and Stone Carvers  stone carving, stone masonry by Angelo Gatto
Bill Brady Metal sculptor of cosmic abstractions

      (If you are a Venango area artist, I'd love to add your link to these. To add your link, just get in touch!)