Transit Studio Artists

The artists of the National Transit Building hold Open Studio events several times a year from noon to 5:00 pm on the Second Saturday of the month and in conjunction with some community festivals.  Visit, browse, and learn from artists at work in their studios!  Click here to check the event calendar for dates.





Wakar Amarra

Sean Carey Music

Quilters' Cupboard

Arnita Force

Anissa Gage

CJ Hurley and Barbara Pierce

Maureen James

DJ Lander

Debra Lee Phoenix Studio

Linda Lineman

Carol McDonald

Susan McGuire

Oil Creek Earthworks Pottery Studio

Oil Creek Originals

Judy Slater

Twas the Niles Before Christmas

Alice Walkowski

Joann Wheeler

Wakar Amarra – Studio 26A


Bright Ideas (Greg Knox )- Studios 2N, 2Q, 2R

Photography, Learning Center

Sean Carey Music – Studio 2 O

Acoustic Guitar Instruction and Services

Sufana Chowdhury –  Studio 2D


Arnita Force – Studio 2A

Dee Fish – Studio 2 Q

Comics artist
*Relocated from Florida

Anissa Gage – Studio 25

Poetry, Oil Painting, Pastels, and Charcoal
*Relocated from Illinois

CJ Hurley and Barbara Pierce – Studios 22C and 22D

Architecture, Restoration, Paintings/Mixed Media – Roycroft certification
*Relocated from Oregon

Mo Glass (Maureen James) – Studio 26B

Stained Glass

Heidi Krug – Studio 2Q

 Mixed media artist

DJ Lander – Studio 22A





Debra Lee – Studio 23
*relocated from Elyria, OH

Pastels, portraits

Lineman’s Porcelain Memories (Linda Lineman) – Studio 2M

Porcelain Painting

Scott McCray – Studio 2F


Carol McDonald – Studio 22B

Pastels, Watercolors, Papier-Mache, Assemblage

Susan McGuire – Studio 27B

Watercolors, 3-D
*Relocated from California

Joyful Noise (Jessica McFadden) – Studio 2S

Piano Instruction

Tom Niles – Studio 2B

Seasonal woodcarvings


Oil Creek Earthworks Pottery Studio (Angela Bowersox-Wyant) – Annex Basement

Ceramics program of the Oil City Arts Council  https://vimeo.com/144955165

Oil Creek Originals (Diane Kellogg) – Studio 2P

Decorative painting patterns and classes

Quilters’ Cupboard (Brenda Morse and Shirley Wygant) – Street Level

Quilting patterns, fabrics, and lessons

Judy Slater – Studio 22B

       Polymer Clay Sculpture

Ally’s Art (Alice Walkowski) – Studio 26C

Metal Clay Jewelry

Joann Wheeler Fine Art – Studio 27A

Mixed Media assemblage
*Relocated from Massachusetts

Area Artists at Work

If you are an Oil City artist and would like to be included in this list, please send us an email!
Artists who have relocated to the area are marked with an *
We are happy to link to your web presence where possible — unfortunately, this wordpress platform doesn’t allow links to social media sites/blogs.

Chaundra Alderette – Harmony Squared – acrylic, wire jewelry* WV
Claudia Allen – watercolorist*  FL
Cindy Andes – fabric art, assemblage
Dee Armagost – singer-songwriter
Gail Beck – decorative painting, tangling
Angela Bowersox – ceramic arts, painting*  MD
Robin Bowman – upcycled art, sculpture
William Breiding – author*  AZ
Margaret Brostrom – painting and sculpture*  CA
Tasana Camara – traditional west African musician*  GUINEA
Fred Carrow – painting
Sufana Chowdhury – multi-medium visual artist* PA
Tracy Cole – beading* WA
Ryan Conners – folk painting, photography*  OR
George Cooley – abstract painting*  MA
Matt Croyle  – filmmaker, writer, photographer
Licia Donze – digital portraits
David Fielding – digital illustration*  PA
Ed Fratus – architectural drawings*  FL
Suzanne Gagliardo – beading*  PA
Maureen Galiber – vocalist*  NZ

Shon Gaworski – painting, found object art*  NC
Joe Gerzina – art glass restoration
Holly L. Gibbons – folk music*  PA
Leslie Graham – painting*  PA
Liz Graham – paper arts, photography
Dave Gundrum – culinary artist*  PA
Garrett Heath – musician*  CT
Heidi Heck – stained glass, found object art
Linda Henderson – videography, folk music, handmade instruments
Michael Henderson – photography
Susette Jolley – collage, assemblage, upcycled art
Sonia Kallman – oil painting*  IL
Kat Karanink – art therapist*  PA
John Karian – photographer
Kim Keller – tooled copper*  CA
Kiyomi Knox – 2- and 3-d social commentary
Josiah Kostek hip hop, entertainment promotions
Laurie Kukulski – jewelry
Jill Mattson – sound healing music, painting
Mary Margaret McNamara – painting*  LA
Dorothy Mitchell – stained glass
Kim Mitchell – ceramics

Natalie Moffitt – painting*  PA
Becca Moon – graphite, printmaking
Mary Morgan – photography*  PA
Kirby Neubert – handcarved wood furniture
Lynn Pacior-Malys – graphic design
Anita Roby-Lavery – fabric arts, certified Zentangle instructor*  DC
Dallas Ragon – graphics
Jeromy Ritchey – photography
Frank Rodgers – ceramics
Michael Roser – painting. photography, illustration
Tim Rudisille – photography
Nancy Ryan – photography *  NY
Alan Schiller – stained glass*  NY
Margherita Simon – oil painting
Emily Sites – mixed media, painting, fiber
Swantje-Elke – metal fabrication, enamel, clay jewelry*  CA
Rachel Wheeler – drawing, painting
Jerome Wincek – singer-songwriter
Dwayna Wisdom – cast medal design*  NY
Charlie Whipple – painting*  AK
Paul Wittreich – painting
Kay Woods – found object art